Cara membuat dialog bahasa inggris harus diperhatikan 3 bagian penting. Yaitu opening yang biasa disebut greeting, content, dan closing atau yang biasa disebut leave taking. Contoh dialog:
A : hello breanne! how are you?
B : i am fine thanks, and you?
A : i am fine too, thanks.
B : did you go to the market yesterday?
A : yes, i did. How could you know that i went there yesterday?
B : because i also went there and i saw you.
A : why did you not greet me?
B : i am sorry, last time i was in hurry.
A : no problem. By the way, what time is it now?
 B : 2 pm. What happened?
A : i have to visit my friend.
B : okey... see you later
A : see you!