Efah      : Hey Naufal ! What are you doing there ?
Naufal   : I want to sit here !
Efah      : Move now ! I am watching now. You had block my view.
Naufal   : Aaaah ! Just a minutes !
Efah      : Move now Naufal !
Naufal   : Ok. I’m sorry sister .........

Dialogue 1 
Dina : Hello,how are you?
Danur : Fine,what are you doing in here?
Dina : Nothing,just waiting for my mom.
Danur : Why you look so upset today?
Dina : Huh,because i fell down in front of the class and everyone was laughed at me.
          What a shame!
Danur : But are you okay?feel sorry to hear that
Dina : I'm okay..

Dialogue 2
Fina : ris,what happen to your face?
Farris : uhm,i got a little accident.When i was walk on the street yesterday,suddenly i
           get slipped by the banana peel.everyone was looking at me and it was so                      embarrased.
Fina :Oh my!but how's your leg right now?
Farris  : it's okay..