I want to telI you abaout my cat. I have my lovely cat, it's name is Kitty. it's colour white and shoft,,he has  brown eye,short tail,and sharp tooth.  I very very very like it because it's so cute, everyday I always feed it, and I take it in my bedroom, and we're playing together.
 I really like my cat,, and I always want to hug him and he always make me laugh and happy.
If you see my cat, I sure you will like it, because he is charmmmmmm,, xixiixixix
kurang panjang dikit hehehe....
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cute turtle. I have a turtle is so cute, I love him so much. I always tell him when I'm sad. tell you about what I experience every day. I gave the name "mute". and I always give him food that he likes that "carrot". I felt he was like a part of my life. I do not want that divulging when she left me. I wish she could be my friend as I continue in difficult and happy.
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