Mother: Ryan, what you've got word, he just dimas accident
ryan: crash! when?
Mother: just when you come home, it's taken to the hospital
ryan: mom, can I go to see dimas now? I want to know the circumstances
Mother: yes allowed, but be careful on the street! and bring this to the fruit dimas hospital
ryan: yes bu
Mother: Ryan.. i've got a bad news..
Ryan: what kind of that bad news mom?
mother: your bestfriend, diggs had an accident..
Ryan: are you sure mom?
Mother: yes,,, his mother told me.. now, he is in Risa Hospital with his family
Ryan: oh, would you let me to visit him mom?
Mother: Ok, i let you, but dont forget to be more careful along on the street..!! remember that.
Ryan: I see, thanks mom.