A : hello dave! How are you?
 B : hello paul! I am not fine enough today so that i get hospitalized. And you?
A : i am fine, thank you.
B : that sounds great.
 A : by the way, i come here to  visit you because i heard from your mother that u’re hospitalized.
B : oh, really?
A : yes, she said you get typoid. What did you eat yesterday?
 B : i ate rujak and orange juice at restaurant
A : did you eat them a lot?
B : yes, i did.
 A : if you had not eaten them, you would have not been sick.
B : i am sorry, that’s my fault
 A : no problem. Hey! I have a cup of porridge for you. I hope you can eat it up
 B  : thanks a lot. I promise, i’ll eat it up.
A : what time is it now?
 B : now is 13.00. why?
 A : i think i should go to pick my sister up from the school
B : okey! Be careful on the road.
A : yes, thank you! See you later!
B : see you!  

James : Hey Dome, i need to ask about your best buddy
Dome : Who is it?
James : How's your best buddy, Drake, i haven't met him since ages.
Dome : He got hospitalized
James : What happend to him?
Dome : Car accident. his car brake pedal doesnt work. he crashed into a tree and fell to a cliff
James : is he going to be fine?
Dome : The doctor said that he is on coma, he breaks his spine and every bones
James : Oh my god i hope he will survive the coma situtation
Dome : Let just pray for him so god will help his life
James : Ok. im going to see Drake in the hospital, but which hospital?
Dome : its Downtown hospital which is in downtown