Saya punya tugas bahasa inggris untuk membuat drama sekitar 10 menit dengan jumlah anggota kelompok 4 orang dimana dalam percakapannya harus memuat paling tidak gerund, tag question, passive voice, tenses, comparation, dan reported speech. boleh hanya memakai 2/3 saja dari semuanya. trimakasih



Saya bantu sedikit ya :)

a : hey do you know about it?
b : what?
a : I hear that girl from australy move to our class
c : seriously? how she's look?
d : I saw her today, I think she's a nice girl
a : yes but people say she is so quetly
b : may she just shy
c : of course, because she is new in here
d : maybe we have to make a friend with her, thats will be nice
a : oh, you're so kind, I think we should do it now
b : no, we cant..
c : why?
d : you dont like her?
b : i like her, i mean today we have a task remember?
c : omg ! I forget it!
a : really? everytime you always forget it..

maaf jika ada yg kurang :)