maksudnya itu contoh percakapan denah!
itukan kalimatnyanya baru turn left,itu pun aku tau..
Ara : dont turn left!
kean : excuse me ?
ara : you dont see the sign , do you ?
kean : no.what does is say ?
ara : "No turning left"
kean : oh
ok..jadi kalau misalnya percakapan menggunakan giving direction dari gambar kayak mana itu?
ini kalo percakapan denah

aline : excuse me. could you tell me how to get to the post office ?
bayu : yes,go along this street and then turn right.the post office is next to the grocery store.

aline : hmm.....go along this street then turn right.the post office is next to the grocery store.

bayu : that's right
aline : thanks you


A: "excuse me, sir? can you tell me wich direction is going to the amusement park?"
B: "you mean, the Bikkini Bottom Amusement park?"
A: "yeah, that's right! can you tell me?"
B: "go forward, and then you'll find patrick there. he'll accompany you to the Bikkini Bottom amusement park under the sea."
A: "thank you so much, sir!"
B: "but remember, don't turn to the left side. because there's a big monster in there!"
A: "thanks again, sir!"
B: "no problem. you're welcome."

sori kalo ada grammar yang salah :p
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maksudnya dari gambar itu apa? denah?
wkwkwk barusan ngegambar, tuh udah diupdate xD sori kalau nggak rapi
Student: excuse me, sir
Man: Ya, can i help you?
student: yes sir, can you tell me how to get the nearest book store please?
Man: well, the nearest book store is locsated 100 meters from here. So, you can keep going straight and the book store will be on your left
student: ok sir. thank you very much sir
Man: you are welcome