present dibuah ke past ? maksudnya ?
misalnya i will go to jakarta jadi i;ve already goes to jakarta?
hanya berbeda pada verbnya, V1 (+es/s) dan V2
yang paling sederhana :
i don't like her : I didn't like her, he comes to see me everyday : he came to see me yesterday, i write a letter : i wrote a letter, She loves me : she loved me , I sing some songs : i sang some songs, we go to her house : we went to her house, you eat my meal : you ate my meal, he tells me about you : he told me about you, she gets up early : she got up early, i send him a lot of money : i sent him a lot of money


1. i saw her standing there
2. my father bought this car last year
3. they went to tokyo last month
4. she went home 2 minutes ago
5. i didn't see her standing there
6. my father didn't buy this car last year
7. they didn't went to tkyo last month
8. she didn't went home 2 minutes ago
9.did my father buy this car last year?
10. did they went to tokyo last month?
11. did she went home 2 minutes ago?
12. when did you buy that magazine?
13. she went to bogor a week ago
14. what time did your sister leave for Bandung?
15. did you come to her house last night?
16. he came with his wife yesterday
17. last sunday we went to puncak together
18. i never drunk coffe five year ago
19. i didn't sleep last night
20. if he had enough money, he had that guitar

i hope this useful...