1. Jaya : Do you know what they are doing?
Jelita : I think ….
A. I am preparing the buffet. C. they prepare the buffet.
B. they are preparing the buffet. D. there is the buffet.

2. Nur : ….
Maryam : I’m reading the “Letters to Editor” section.
A. Are you reading the newspaper? C. What are you writing?
B. What section do you like best? D. What are you reading?

3. Eri : Rahmat, why is the music so loud? Can you please turn the volume down?
Rahmat : It’s not me. …. Maybe it’s the neighbor.
A. I’m listening to the radio. C. I’m not listening to the radio.
B. I’m turning it down D. I’m not playing.

4. Customer : Excuse me. I’d like to try this shirt on.
Staff : Certainly. …. fitting room just behind you.
A. There is C. There is a
B. There is a box of D. There are

5. Staff : Excuse me. Please …. The show is about to begin.
Patron : Oh, sure. Sorry about that.
A. buy some popcorn. C. have some popcorn.
B. show your tickets. D. turn off your mobile phone.

6. Customer : Hi. Table for two, please.
Waiter : ….
A. This way, please. C. How about three?
B. I’m afraid not. D. Are you ready to eat?

7. Customer : Can I get some hot coffee?
Waiter : Certainly. ….
Customer : That’s all, thanks.
A. Hot coffee, correct? C. Anything else?
B. Why not iced coffee? D. Let me repeat your order.

8. Passenger : ….
Officer : Yes, it does.
A. How often does this bus run? C. What time does the bus leave?
B. Does this bus stop at Kebon Jeruk? D. Do you know which route this bus takes?

9. Rani : Did you like the movie?
Bagus : Not at all. It was …. movie ever!
A. bad C. the worse
B. worst D. the worst

10. Customer : Can you tell me where the food court is?
Security : …. You can take the elevator.
A. It is two levels up. C. Turn right on the traffic light.
B. It is the one on the left. D. It is next to this information booth.

11. Wahyu : ….
Widi : Sorry, I’m not from around here.
A. Can you help me with these bags? C. Can you tell me how to get to Gambir?
B. Do you have the time? D. Do you have a map?

12. Paul : Hey, you missed the STOP signed
Nurul : I did? I’m sorry. I …. see clearly without my glasses.
A. can C. could
B. can’t D. am not

13. The paintings hang just …. the sofas.
A. above C. on
B. on top of D. below

14. Nina : Where is Tasya?
Leo : She went home early so she …. catch her flight to Surabaya.
A. can’t C. could
B. couldn’t D. will

15. Dinar : Come with us to Monas.
Ines : ….
A. I’m nice to hear that. C. That would your pleasure.
B. That’s very nice of you to invite me. D. Of course I come with you.

16. Change the following statement into a reported speech: “I work as a construction worker.”
A. He told me that he worked as a construction worker.
B. He told me that he was a construction worker.
C. He said me that he worked a construction worker.
D. He said he works as a construction worker.



1. B
2. D
3. C
4. C
5. D
6. A
7. C
8. B
9. D
10. A
11. C
12. B
13. A
14. C
15. ga yakin sih tapi mungkin B
16. B

Maaf banget kalo ada jawaban yang salah, semoga bermanfaat :)
oh iya, nomer 16 A, maaf maaf X''D