1. She reads her book on her table
2. Rani and Budi buy a pencil in their canteen
3. The lamp is important for us, because it use to light us to study
4. Benny brings bag to his school everyday except sunday
5. Ade gets shoes from his mother
6. Kayla and I use plate to put our food
7. Bita wore a lovely shirt two days ago.
8. Ma'am Frida is writing something in the blackboard
9. My friend,Tia wears glasses in her eyes
10. Shabrina puts her hat on her head
11.  Yesterday, I looked the broom in this class
12. the colour of our flag is red and white.
1 5 1
1. it is my new table
2. it is cute pencil
3. that is my lamp in the desk
4. it is my new bag
5. those are my red shoes
6. i eat use the white plate
7. i wear my cloth every day