My name is Yudha Gugu Prawira. Im Student at Senior High School 1 Narmada. I Was in the first Grade in my school. Since i was child, i always wanted to be an english teacher. Of Course to get that i have to do a long journey.
   After i was graduated from the first school, i took a consentrarion to english lesson in junior high school. Because i want to be an english teacher. But guess what? my parents does not agree with me. Just because im still study in junior high school. Ok for that time i follow my parents placate.
   And after i enrolled in SMAN 1 NARMADA, i took languange classroom because i aspire to be an english teacher. At this point my parents believe that i have the talents in English. When i was graduated from Senior High School i would go to college later in Unram majored in English. Because my parents are very supportive of me, i became spirit. I would earnestly to make my parents proud of me.
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