5 Serangkai
When I am sitting under mango tree alone, I remembered my good friends a long time ago. They were Tuti, Pipit, Nurul, and Siska. At the time, they were a friend who really loyal with their own friends. It could be known from their actions every day. For the example, we went to school, backed to school, played, and studied always together. Even though, we were not in the same class(e.g. I , Tuti, and pipit were on one class and Nurul and Siska were different class with us), but we were so chummy. Even, many my other friends called us as “5 Serangkai”.

At the time, I and my friends went to school at 6 o’clock in every day. It was caused by the distance between I and my friends to the school was so far. In addition, I and my friends might across river, might go around the forest to go the school. Nevertheless, I and friends did not feel tired to do that. We were very spirit full every day. If there was one of us did not meet one day. We would search our friend until we met her.

One day, after I and my friends backed to school, at 13.00 o’clock. We planned to study together in Tuti’s home especially under Tuti’s mango tree which was very calm, and cool. In addition, under Tuti’s mango tree was prepared some benches. So that, it made all people felt enjoy when staying on this place.

At 13.30 o’clock all members of 5 Serangkai completed. I, Tuti, Pipit, Nurul, and Siska came on time. We never would be late, except there was obstacle that disturbed us. At 13. 45, we started to study to discuss each other about the answer of our homework. Nevertheless, when we did not finish yet in answering our homework, there was event which happened to Tuti. Tuti had fallen to the ground from the bench that she sat. I, Pipit, Nurul and Siska were very shocked about it. Then, we all tried to make Tuti became conscious by giving the first aid. Nevertheless, God had another plan, Tuti backed to God. Tuti Died. We all were very sad.
Last night, i went to my grandparents house at Bandung last week. i got new friend there and i play with her everyday until we never saw the time for coming home. i love my friend. her name is sasha

when we play together, he got sick because something did wrong in her body and we gone to the doctor with her parents. after the doctor checked it, she got asma. i prayed to my god if she can life back to play with me again

12 hours later. she can breath normally and she opened her eyes. i love it because if i don't have any friends? i cant do anything. after she came back, i will protect her everytime. but, now i must came back home. but we can still be friends. i will love her because she is my friend