Jawaban paling cerdas!

My mom opened the door every morning
I closed the window every night
Annie looked her bag
My daddy worked at the company
Nurul and me talked about the lesson this morning
I asked math question to my teacher 
Every young suggested to be the best one
My brother wanted a rabbit
I waited him in front of the cafe

Ester left Indonesia this morning
Yusfi slept away on nine o'clock
Mufidah swept the floor every morning
The dog beaten the cat
Sukarno became the best national hero
They woke up at six o'clock
My mom got a new gift in her birthday
Rizki went to school everyday
He was sad, he began to cry 
Maaf ya yg gone itu yg bener went, yg woken harusnya woke
My Sister opened the window every morning.
Daddy close the fence every evening.
I watched this film every holiday.
Ben looked her sister.
We talked about the hot news in this morning.
Anne asked her bag to Donny.
Mommy suggested me to always be the best.
I wanted a siberian husky.
I waited him for fifty minutes.

I spent my holiday in Jogja.
He left me alone here.
Yesterday I slept too late.
My mom swept the floor.
The mouse have been beaten by the cat.
I always woke up at 5 o'clock every days.
I got my money back.
She's gone tonight.
The adventure was began.

I hope this can help you.., :-)