1. If you want to make meatballs, where do you go to buy meat?
a. drugstore
b. fashions store
c. butcher
d. chemist
2. A person who sells flowers is a ....
a. gardener
b. farmer
c. florist
d. pianist
3. Mrs. Rudolf likes to make a research of ancient mummy in Egypt. She is ....
a. archeologist
b. carpenter
c. linguist
d. judge
4. A person who cheers the kids in a party and wears funny make up is called ....
a. librarian
b. cop
c. nurse
d. clown
5. Mr. Davidson carves the wood to make a mask. He makes earn living from carving. He is ....
a. sculptor
b. bricklayer
c. farmer
d. barber



Jawaban paling cerdas!
1. c. butcher
2. c. florist
3. a. archeologist
d. clown
5. a. sculptor
Menurut saya itu :)

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