spoof itu cerita lucu nama jenis teks nya itu
ohh boleh2, yg penting funny story :)
aku copy dari google boleh
boleh, cuma yg paling bagus dan jarang orang dapet yaa ;)
sudah ketemu?



A Headache Woman

A woman got headaches for several days, so he decided to go to the doctor. The doctor then asked a question to her. “How old are you?” asked the doctor.

Hmmm, “I do not remember Doc, but I’ll try to think” After thinking within one minute, she finally answered and said, “Yes, I remember now, when I got married, I was eighteen years old, and my husband was thirty. Now, my husband sixty. Sixty is equal with two times of thirty. So, my age is two multiplied by eighteen. That is thirty six years old