Do you know what is a shopping list ?  This is a describe about a Shopping List is a list that you  make of all the things you want to buy when you go shopping. Read the text below to answer the questions 20 ballonA big tart3 bottle syrup2 pads of biscuits5 m ribbon40 paper trumpets40 paper hats 1. What kind of text is it ? A. A short message B. A shopping list C. An advertisment D. A food label Answer : B

2. How many tarts does the writer want to buy ? A. one B. Two C. Three D. Four Answer :A

3. What kind of hats does he want to buy ? A. Bamboo hats B. Plastic hats C. Fabric hats D. Paper hats Answer : D

4. What do you thing the writer will have ? A. An English club meeting. B. A formal meeting. C. A comference. D. A party. Answer : D

5. From the text we know that the writer wants to buy to invite stores, except … A. bakery B. the butcher’s C. grocer’s D. stationer’s Answer : B
2 books
1 pencil
1 pack of crayon
1 pencil case
2 rulers
1 eraser
1 sharpener
1 red pen

6. How many rulers does the writer wants to buy ?

A. One

B. Two

C. Three

d. Four

Answer : B
1. what will you buy? a.carrot b.candy c.milk
2.how much it cost? a.rp2000 b.rp3000 c.1200
3. what just she bought?a.mikk b.candy c.pen