I have a hobby that I do every morning. and it is a hobby of gardening. I flush every gardening, cultivating, and managing the plant. my plants provide beauty in my garden. any friends, relatives, and people around me who visit my garden is definitely praise.
one day, I saw my garden damaged, I panicked and confused. I'm sad. I saw a broken flower, place the plant ruptured, all the mess. I tried to calm myself but I can not, I feel gardening is my life. I suddenly feel the vibrations and shocks are very strong I cried and shouted ........................... I suddenly realized that I was only a dream. nightmare very frightened me. when I got to my garden all that is in my dream nothing has happened. in fact there are 17 new flowers are very beautiful. but when I got the message that was sent by my friend I am amazed that even damaged my garden. maybe it was a premonition. I thought.