Buatlah menjadi kalimat passive

1. did jun take me to the airport
2. does your mother give me a present
3. they cleaned the yqrd yesterday
4. he is writing a good letter
5. he will wash my shirts
6. they have printed my proposal
7. amar visits his mother at home
8. they can call him later
9.ani was building two houses
10. they took some books to school



1. did i was taken to the airport by jun? 2. do i am given a present by your mother? 3. the yard was cleaned by them. 4. a good letter is being written by him. 5. my shirts will be washed by him. 6. my proposal has been printed by them. 7. his mother is visited by amar.
8. he could be called later. 9 . two building was being built by ani. 10. some books were taken to the schopl by them