Write some examples of (a) instruction, (b) short notice, (caution/warning that you have seen before, and write the place where you saw it

Tolong beri jawabannya y saya tidak mengerti. Dan saya ingin jawaban itu secepatnya


Instruction how to use atm mechine
first step is to look at the picture of the card where you put the card in the machine. This picture will show you how to put it in. I mean which side up. 

Then on the screen it will ask you a bunch of questions. Usually first is what language you want the questions in. You choose the language then press the enter key. 

Then it will ask for your pin number of passcode or something like that. If you don't know your code then you will need to stop here and go to the bank that sent you the card and they will tell you what it is. If you know it then enter it. Then press enter. 

It will ask you what account you want to take the money from either checking or savings. You pick one and then press enter. 

Then it will ask you how much you want to take out of the bank account. It will give you some options like $10, $20, $100 or other amount. Choose the amount you want. If you need to put in your own amount then remember to add the zeros that go after the dollar amount or it will be wrong. An example of this would be if you wanted $20 you must input $20.00. Then it will tell you to take your cash or it will give you a message stating you don't have enough or you need to choose a different amount. ATM's usually only allow withdrawals in $20 increments

short notice: Flammable at the laboratory