Make a dialogue based on the situation below!

Sandra came to maria's house last night.She asked Maria to accompany her to pick her brother up at the port.At first, Maria refused it because she had to finish her assigment .Sandra made Maria sure that she would help her to finish the assignment if she agreed to go with her.Finally ,Maria accepted the invitation .Sandra said thank before she went home.



Sandra : *knock knock* "Excuse me, i'm sandra"
MAria : *opened the door* "Yes, i'm. What?"
Sandra : "Would you pick up my brother at airport please?
Maria : "I'm sorry i can't because i have to finish my assignment"
Sandra : "Pleas help me. I will help you to finish your assignment if you pick up my                         brother"
MAria: "Uhm.. Okay. Certainly"
Sandra: "Thank you very much Maria. What a kind girl you are"
Sandra  : "No problem, sandra" 

maaf kalo salah semoga membantu
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Sandra: can you accompony me to pick up my brothe at the port
maria: sorry I have to finish my assignment
sandra: here let me help but only if you agree to go with me
maria: ok fine
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