Compliments as Conversational Openers
A & C = daughters
B = mother

A: That's a nice sweater, mom.
B: Thanks.
C: It really is very nice. Where did you get it?
B: I got it at Second Time Around in exchange for the red bag.
A: Oh, you got rid of the red bag?
B: Yeah, well, what else was I going to do with it?
A: But it was a gift from Jenn.
B: I know, but that's okay, she wouldn't mind. We've used it enough.
C: Speaking of Jenn, how's she doing, I wonder. We haven't heard from her much these days, have we?
B: No, not much, which doesn't surprise me, since she's gone on a whale-watching tour off the coast. She must be traveling in Canada by now.
C: Oh, really? I never knew that! How did I miss such news?
A: You never knew that? Oh, that's right! You were out of town on business the last time she stopped by. Now was it when you were in New York or Chicago?
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