Menyusun. tolong lah ya,

1. I went to an airport and was going to fly cleveland
2. then, I went to hollywood. hollywood may be a famous district inlos angeles, calyfornia, U.S.
3. last summer, I got a fantastic holiday. I visited a few nice places.
4. after that, I went to new york.
5. I just spending 2 days there. I wanted to see few cleveland. cavaliers basket ball matches.
6. new york city is the most populous city in the united states and also the center of the new york mentropolitan area. here, I went to see the statue of liberty. this statue is the symbol of the american declaration of independence.
7. next place I visited after the statue of liberty is manhanttan. I was curios to see the city which was used as the setting of my favorit novel, confession of a shopahotic.
8. it had become world-famous as the center as to the filin trade. four mator film firms. paramount warner bros, rko and colombia had studios in hollywood.
9. over all, my holiday was very great. I really want to stay longers, but I need to leave. next time promise to come again.




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