Desi: Andi. You look great today! I love your new hair style.
Andi: Thank you very much, Desi. You look great, too.
Desi: Thanks, Andi. By the way, how was your test? Have you got the result?
Andi: Yes, I've got it. You know what? I have passed for the final test. I'm so happy right now.
Desi: That's great. Congratulations! How's the score?
Andi: Thanks God. I got the highest score for the test.
Desi: Wow, that's amazing. I know you are very smart, Andi. Well done!
Andi: Thanks for your compliment, Desi. You are so kind.
Desi: Never mind Andi. It's my pleasure.
Aldo: Thank you so much, Sarah. You've been much of a help during my problem.
Sarah: Of course, Aldo. That is what friends are for.