1. My father offers me a new notebook only if I past the exam.
2. The offering is to good to ignore.
3. Canida offers me to have lunch with her, but I refuse it.
4. The store is offering a great discount by this weekend.
5. The offering from the mall is closed today.

1. Even for small things, Lita always asking for her mom's permission if she wants to do something.
2. The boy wass so rude, he didn't even bothered to asked for my permission.
3. It's kind of showing off that you have a good attitude if you ask for permission before do something.
4. I don't know why she's got so upset when I only ask for her permission.
5. You need to asking for permission if you want to enter someone else' room.

1. He requests me to sing his favorite song.
2. I've sent my request to the radio announcer, but the song doesn't play yet.
3. Would you grant my request if I say it?
4. I'm in the mood to sing along, do you guys have any request?
5. Mr. Woody requests me to give him a hand with student's homework today.
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