My lovely Diary book

I have a diary book. The colour of my diary are red, purple and black. My diary is from My Best Friend for my birthday present. The diary book has picture of flower. I write my feeling, my secret in my diary book. The diary book has a key . I always bring it. So, doesn`t people can open my diary book except me. I love my diary book.

Semoga membantu ^^
I have a big, fluffy, cute doll shaped half sheep and half goat. It is so cute. The doll looks like the one from cartoon Shaun the Sheep. Unless mine is soft yellow color and not white. It has tiny, short horn on his head, right beside its ears. Its eyes are so black, made from granite stone. Its fur is so thick and soft, I can't help but hugging it all the time.

I've got it from my mother on my 15th birthday two years ago. Despite it's already two years, the doll still look cute and beautiful.