Tolong buatin percakapan pendek dlm b.inggris:
- you are making handicraft. you need some glue. you ask your friend for it
- you are cooking. you need some salt. you ask your neighbor for it

harus sesuai kata2 disana, atau boleh d bolak balik? penggunaan grammar nya?


A : hi, do you have some glue?
B : oh sure, this is, for what?
A : i will make a handicraft, can you help me?
B : of course
A : thank you very much

A: hi ing, im sorry disturb you
B: oh no problem, whats going on?
A: i will a some food, and my salt is exhausted. can you give me some salt?
B: oh ya , of course, this is.
A: ooh thank you very much ing..
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Jawaban paling cerdas!
1. teacher:"hey what are you doing right now?"
    student:"I made a something"
    teacher :"You're making handicraft right? do you need some glue?"
    student:"yes mom, i need it"
    teacher:"you can ask your friend for it"
    student:"ok i'll mom"

2. mom:"what are you cooking,dear?"
    Lia   :"I'm cooking a soup mom, can you taste it?"
    mom:"ofcourse. need some salt."
    Lia   :"where is it mom?"
    mom:"can you ask your neighbor for it."
    Lia   :"ok mom"

maaf klu ga puas
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