kenapa harus di bahasa inggriskan?
Karena tugasnya seperti itu
oooo Baru kali ini ada tugas membuat makanan di bahasa inggriskan. maaf ya
Iya gapapa :)


How to Make Gado Gado :

First make peanut sauce first . Peanuts roasted and then mashed new skin discarded
Tumislah red chilli , lime leaves , and garlic until fragrant .
Add coconut milk and roasted peanuts earlier then stir until boiling .
Give tamarind water , salt , and brown sugar . Stir and cook briefly . then set aside .
Tempeh and tofu fried until dry . Brewed with hot water sprouts .
Prepare the ingredients that have been boiled , as taode , cabbage , lettuce , cucumbers , tomatoes , and eggs , coupled with tempeh and tofu . Tata neatly on a plate .
Then flush with peanut sauce made ​​earlier . Gado gado is ready to be eaten .

Making bread burger :
- Cut the bread burger / burger bun into two parts , top and bottom .
- Put the bottom of the first on a plate .
- Add mayonnaise / thousand island , and mustard if desired .
- Add the above ingredients complement one by one , its structure is up to your taste , including meat that has been fried / burnt earlier .
- Add tomato sauce and sambal sauce according to taste .
- Cover the top with the top piece of bread burger .
- Ta daaaa .... You 've completed a simple burger .
In addition to more secure cleanliness , also does not use preservatives . Home -made burger you can also add other ingredients according to your tastes . Meat that has been created can be preserved by storing it in the freezer for a few days , when you will make the next day , staying fried or grilled .
As a side note : you can also replace meat with fish you know. Perhaps if you are bored with the meat . Simply replace the ground beef with the ingredients minced tuna or other fish you like .
Simple burger recipe above is pretty easy right ? You can immediately put it into practice in your kitchen . The ingredients were not hard to come by . Prepare ingredients in the simple burger recipe in the refrigerator / fridge , so you can make a burger anytime . Good luck ! !

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