Jawaban paling cerdas!
1. Meat Burger Ingredients1 pound of ground beef8 whipped chicken eggs150 grams of bread flour50 grams of wheat flour2. Seasoning Ingredients10 cloves of onions10 cloves of garlic15 grams of chicken bouillon powder2 pieces of medium-sized onion5 grams of finely ground pepper3 grams of smoothed nutmeg2 grams of saltsugarmargarine or vegetable oil for frying3. Other Ingredients10 pieces of bread burger that has been split into 2 partslettuce leavesCucumber6 thinly sliced ​​tomatoesSheets of cheesetomato sauceMayonnaisechili sauce4. ProcedureThe first step you should do is sauteing all the spices with the margarine or vegetable oil that has been hot. You have to pour the onions, shallots, and garlic into your frying pan. Also, pour the salt, sugar, pepper, and nutmeg. Keep sauteing those ingredients until cooked. Lift and drain.While you are waiting for seasoning ingredients changes into cold, provide a bowl for ground beef. Next, enter the sautéing ingredients which have been cold. Furthermore, put the flour and eggs that have been beaten with the beef mixture.Stir the meat and the ingredients well. After that, put in the refrigerator. 10 minutes is sufficient to make the dough to be not too hard.Lift the dough and form it according with the shape that you like. Bake the meat dough which has been formed until cooked.5. How to ServeCut the bread into two halves and spread it with mayonnaise. Then arrange the cucumber, tomato, and lettuce on it according to the arrangement of your taste.The next step is applying chili sauce on the meat that has been cooked then adds the sheets of cheese on top of it.To make it look more complete, you can add fries to your burger plate periphery.Your burger is ready to serve.
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