Carilah posisi kata yang tidak tepat yang digaris bawahi dan jelaskan mengapa kata itu tidak tepat disertai alasannya. soal :
1. a survey indicates that 'really shows' have attracted the higher proportion of tv viewers since the end of the last quarter of 2008.
2. the giant panda whose is also know as the panda bear of the bamboo panda is almost extinct because the bamboo forests where it lives are destroyed.
3. we are a leasing company. as many as 65% of our employees are posted in the marketing division. most of them are smart, talented, good look young men, who do not mind working ten hours a day, six days a week.
4. A : i heard that you will go camping after the final test. will i go with you ?
B : yes, but you should get permission from your parents.
5. A : what does justin bieber like ?
B : he is handsome. he has good voice.
A : is that why so many girls like him so much ?
B : we can't help it.



3.are posted
menurus saya itu jawabannya.