the fox & cat
 one day a cat and a fox were having a conversation. the fox , who was a conceited creature , boasted how clever she was. 'why,i know at least a hundred tricks to get away fro our mutua enemies ,the dogs .'she said..'i know only one trick to get away from dogs,' said the cat.'you should teach mo some of yours!'.'well,maybe soe day, when i have the time ,i may teach you a few of the simpler ones,'replied the fox angrily.just then they heard the barking of a pack of dogs in the distance.the barking grew louder & louder -the dogs were coming in their direction!at once the cat ran ti the nearest tree & climbed into its branches,wellout of reach of any dog.
'this is tricks i told you about ,the only one i know ,'she called down to the fox.'which one of your hundred tricks are you going to use?'
the fox sat silently under the tree ,wondering which tricks she should use.before she could make up her mind,the dogs arrived .they fell upon the fox &tore her to pieces