1) kalimat langsung : He told his friend, “I have a new car”
    tidak langsung    : 
He told his friend that he had a new car
2) kalimat langsung : 
She said, “I work in a factory”
    tidak langsung    : 
She said that she worked in a factory.
3) kalimat langsung : 
Andi will say "They are studying hard"
    tidak langsung    : 
Andi will say that they are studying hard 
4) kalimat langsung : 
He said "I will come with her"
     tidak langsung   : 
He had said that he will come with her
5) kalimat langsung : 
They had said "We was happy in that day"
     tidak langsung   : 
They had say that they was was happy in that day
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