Tolong Dijawab yah :)


1.Buy a dictionary in the shop

2. Choose the good dictionary and then buy it

3. Search the word in dictonary use a section

4. Use 1 section in upper of page dictionary

5. And if you near get the word use a two section

6. Find those in the upper of dictionary

7. And if you get the word read the meaning

1. what porpuse of the text ?

A. Using a section in dictionary

b. How to find the word and meaning in the dictionary

2.Those ( step 6 ) is meaning to

A. Two sections

B. Page


Kecak is a dance performed by males alternately sitting, standing and
raising their hands up and down and encircling the main characters of
the Ramayana epic players. Their costumes are very simple, with plaid
skirts and no shirts. What is unique is that there is no music, only
chirps of “chak, chak, chak”hence the name of the dance. It is played in
various settings, but one of the most dramatic is the one performed
towards sunset at Uluwatu, Bali.

3. what is the purpose of the text ?

A.give information about the event
B.To describe Kecak Dance



1. b. How to find the word and meaning in the dictionary
2. A. Two sections
3. B.To describe Kecak Dance