Do you like sport? do you work under pressure? do you need something to freshen you up ? the salt from ypur sweet need to be topped up. your like need to be brighter. this simple rink can make your dreams come true, it will make you happier healtier and smarter. it also contains vit c& d. avaible in several container types & size you can choose based or your activity. free from caffeine, so it is safe to be consumed every day
1. according to advertisement, which people need the drink?
2. the liqui will . . . . sweat
3. why is it safe? because
4. the drink is free from caffeine, so it safe to be consmed

2.the liquid will . . . . sweat atau sweet


1. Depressed ( who are need more spirit ) from cafein No 4 makadny paan ya?
1. people who work, do sport (sweating job)
2. topped up (make you feel fresh, isotonic drink)
3. coz contain vit c and d