in one afternoon, my mother told me to buy satay at an intersection near the house. I ride motorcycle and set off with my younger brother.
I do not think that I carry a cell phone in the pocket of my training. as usual, the place was very crowded selling satay customer, I'm waiting in line long enough to receive my order. when ready for my order, I paid 50,000, the seller was entered to take his change. I just waited while joking with my sister.
suddenly, there was a sound like a ticking time bomb that is very close to me. '... Tut ... tut tut. "With a fairly loud voice and faster. I really think that it is the sound of a ticking time bomb." Bomb .. bomb .. "I said with a very frantic and fro. My younger brother and customers are very crowded and confused just look at me while I was so scared. without me knowing, satay seller already behind me and saw me with a confused face. "This money remaining" he said, until many times he says the same words with confused face ., and I just hissed "bomb .." to him. she was also very surprised. but all of a sudden, 'cekrek' voice was transformed into a time bomb sound camera shots. suddenly I paused and realized that it was the sound of my cell phone camera that does not know how can be read in my pants pocket.
all customers and sellers looking at me with a look that can not be defined, and they laughed at my ignorance. and stupid again, I just smiled and immediately rush home without receiving money from the rest of the sellers.