1. dear, Hunter

i'm sorry for your lost. i can't believe that your mom died so early. wish she rest in peace in the other world. be strong Hunter. I have no word to express how deeply sorry i am to hear about your mom. i'm sorry.


2. dear, Trixie
i already heard the news. i'm so sorry for you lost, trix. i know it's hard to accept. but be strong trix. your little brother will always be by your side when you need him. he will always love you. you are in my thoughts and prayer.

hugs and kisses,

maap ya kalo ada yang salah terus rada aneh kalimatnya._.v
no.2 nya?
itu udah yaaa :)
Makasih, maaf tadi gak keliatan
iya sama :) it's been my pleasure to help