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nggak boleh nyari d internet sama gurunya kak..111
law gitu ini ada sebuah spoof dari buku gw .
A young lion came to a small zoo in Europe. In the next cage was a tired, old lion, which did nothing except lie about and sleep. “Lion ought not to be like that!” Young lion said to himself, so he roared at all the visitors and tried to break the bars of the cage.
At three o’clock a man brought a big piece of meat and put it in the old lion’s cage then he put a bag of nuts and two bananas in the young lion’s cage. The young lion was very surprised. “I don’t understand this,” he said to the old lion, “I behave like a real lion while you lie there doing nothing, and look what happens!”
“Well, you see,” said the old lion kindly, “this is a small zoo. They haven’t got enough money for two lions, so in their books you are here as a monkey