B: Hi A are you free on friday? I wanna ask you play bowling with me on friday night. 
A: Sounds great! But I cant, I must participate at volleyball match. Really sorry abot that 
B: Okay, thats not a big deal! How about Saturday? 
A: Sure. I'm free on Saturday. 
B: Nice, because I've bought 2 tickets of new Nicole Kidman film 
A: Are you joking?! 
B: Nope, I also try to get ticket for the open air concert. 
A: Thats nice of you. But why youre so kind to me? Is there any special reason? 
B: Oghhh come on... Its youre birthday last weekend. Remember? I know its too late, Im sorry, but I still want to celebrate it. Its my best friend's birthday so I want to make a wonderful birthday party for you. 
A: Oh my Godness! You're so sweet. Thank you so much. But to tell you the truth, we are still best friend forever no matter what happened.