Teman-teman tolong dikomentari sudah benar belum.

Detective Conan is my favorite movie. This movie
aired every Saturday at 9 am on Indosiar .
This movie was written by Gosho Aoyama since
1994. Detective Conan tells the story of a young
detective named Shinichi
Kudo whose body tapers from drinking the poison from the Black Hat. Shinici is an intelligent character solve crimes. Detective Conan is a different film from
other films because
these film challenge
the audience to guess the way of
thinking in every scene that will be undertaken by conan. The plot of this
film exciting, thrilling and unpredictable thus making the audience
curious and interested
to watch this movie. This movie has a good moral
message and educate but most were like the
film is adolescent to adult.



Mungkin nih ya.. 'this movie has a good moral message.......'. mungkin message nya kalo diilangin lebih cocok
mungkin kalau di ganti value juga bisa. biar gak garing.