I have a profession. I like very much my profession. I teach my students every day. I teach at the school every day. profession is a teacher. teaching in an elementary school. I teach math 

in every Monday, we carry out a school flag ceremony. I originally wanted to be a doctor. but I do not have the money weeks to lecture again. but I still love my profession is being a teacher

semoga dapat membantu
My father's name is husaini. He is a chief of forestry department in Aceh. His office is in sudirman street, menteng. His responsibilities are leading the forest management in aceh province, coordinating a lot of agency either in province or town related to forest regulation and forest management, developing the employee's skill in forestry department to increase their ability in managing forests in aceh. Maaf kalo salah aku masih smp soalnya
I have a car

I likes to drive it everyday