Jawaban paling cerdas!
Saya tidak buat sebanyak 21, sedikit aja, selanjutnya buat sendiri ya, biar pinter sama - sama dan saya buat dalam penomoran, ini :
1. Everyday, I wake early in the morning
2. I prepare my clothes to go to school
3. After that, I go to dining room to have breakfast
4. Then, I go to my bathroom to take a bath
5. After take a bath, I wear my clothes
6. After wearing clothes, I use my shoe
7. After that, I go to school
8. In holiday time, I always wake up late
9. After wake up, I go to my bathroom to refresh or wash my face
10. After that, I go to help my parents to clean my house like such as sweep and wash the car.
11. After help my parents,  I go to my table to set my school book or study for remembering my subject at school.
12. After that, I go to my dining room to have a little eat or breakfast
13. After breakfast, I go to on my television or watch to get more information or just have fan.
14. After that, I decided to go to bathroom to take a bath.
15. After take a bath, maybe  I go to market to buy something to be cooked
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