Sinta : Hi, honey. What's up?
Brad : I'm sad. I have to tell you bad news.
Sinta : What is it, honey? Don't make me anxious!
Brad : I have to leave you, honey.
Sinta : Why? Don't leave me. You know I love you.
Brad : Yea, I know it. I love you too. I have to go abroad for 2 years.
Sinta : What? You're going to leave me for so long?
Brad : I get scholarship for studying at Oxford University. Next month, I'm going to go. Sinta : Oh, although I feel afraid. But, I'm happy to hear that. We can still contact using YM and Skype, right?
Brad : Thanks honey. You're my everything.
Sinta : I love you so much.

kak sbelum nya mksih yah kak., tapi percakapannya 5 orank kak... ada gak kak??
Eliza. : Hi!! Chelsea. : Hi!! Eliza : You’re beautiful tonight. I Love you! Chelsea : Thank you! I am beautiful because of this dress. I Like this dress so much. My mother bought this dress in Paris. Kat : Hey, let’s have something to drink. *suddenly Tiffany crashing Chelsea and accidentally spilling a drink to Chelsea* Chelsea : Hey! Be careful, please! Look! You made my dress dirty! How embarrassing! I Hate it! You make me mad! Eliza. : Oh No!! Tiffany : I’m sorry, I didn’t do that on purpose. Forgive me, please. Eliza : Oh oke,,Chelsea. You can change your dress, right? Chelsea : Ok, Never mind.
gak pa pa kok kak... mksih yah kak dah bntu.. bngung nih kak.. buat bsok
Iyaa sama-samaa
oh yah... kakak dah tmat?? atau msih kuliah?
Masih SMA dek,kelas 2,hehe :)
sma donk.. hahaha