Bisa gak buatin pidato dari teks ini
plastic surgery is not s recent phenimenon, but it was appeared since 3000 years ago. in the past, it was for medical purpose but now it is creating beuty and trend to modify some part of body.
many people nowaday want to be extraordinary such as animal or less human by plastic surgery. they modifying their faces and bodies to make them more animal like. meny so called 'lizard people' have had their tongues split. a woman who changed her face like a cat. other people gone beyond different kinds of tattoos.
the people who done outcast actually they lack self respect and have adesperate need for attention. they should be treated by psychiatrist, not plastic surgeons. and we should be aware of society that no longer wants to look human



Hi people, today i will tell you about plastic surgery. plastic surgery appeared 3000 years ago, in the past, it was for medical purpose but now it is only for a change of appearance. many people nowdays want to have a beautiful or handsome face, in other words 'being closer to perfections in the matter of appearance'. but some people have some really weird tastes and they tried to be less human-like, by using plastic surgery, they tried to looks like a lizard or cats, and many other animals. the people that took plastic surgery is usually people who is not satisfied with their looks, or their body. they degraded the gods creation, and try to be more 'perfect', however they sometime did not look at the risk. you see, if the surgery failed, then can you even imagine what your body or face would look like? and because of that i highly recommend not to take plastic surgery, and appreciate what god has given to us.  

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