Embarrasment adalah ungkapan yg digunakan apabila seseorang merasa malu akibat kejadian konyol yg terjadi pd drinya sendiri.Contohnya :
Fina: Ris, What heaven to your face?
Farris : Uhm, I got a little accident.When I was walk on the street yesterday,suddenly I 
           get slipped by the banana peel.Everyone was looking at me and is was so
Fina : Oh my!But how's your leg right now?
Farris : It's okay...
     Semoga mmembantu :)
Pengertiannya : keeadaan di saat seseorang dalam emosi / kegelisahan dengan dirinya sendiri.

contohnya ;;
Fanni : today is my poor day.
Santi : Why ..???
F      : I feel down from bicyle in front of course.
S :Really? Fanni??are you ok?
F :I am ok but I feel embrased because my shoes flying over me.
S :You must versy ashamed .
F : You bet . I felt ashamed to know that.
S : Ok . I know that what you fell. You should be more careful
F :Yeeeaahhhh,, Thank your lot
S : ok your welcome