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I Have a cat. his colour is white. i really like it because it very funny. It name is Pusi. It have a long ears, green eyes , funny face and and small nose. At sunday my family and my cat ussualy playing at the garden. And I very happy .
I Love my cat Pusi.

Itu secara singkat. tetapi saya juga kurang begitu bisa .. :)
Niagara Falls

Niagara falls is a famous area of waterfalls. it is one of the most beautiful natural wonders of north america. it is on the niagara river, about halfway between lake erie and lake ontario. the niagara river forms part of the border between canada and the united states. at niagara falls, ontario, canada is on one side of the river, and the U.S State of new york is on the other side.

Niagara falls really has two waterfalls. the horseshoe falls area in canada, and america falls area in the united states.

the niagara river drops into a steep gorge or canyon, at the falls. most of the water flows over the horseshoe falls. they are not as high as the american falls, but they are 2,600 feets wide about 0,5 mile. the american falls are about 1,000 feet wide. beyond the falls are whirlpool rapids. there, the powerful swirling water has carved a bowl out of the rock.

at night, coloured light shine on the thundering falls. about 10 million people visit niagara falls each year.
makasih ya :)
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