Bawang Merah & Bawang Putih
A long time ago, there live a couple husband and wife. Them have a very beautiful daughter, the name is Bawang Putih. Her father was a seller, he like a long trip. Them have neighbor is a widow and her daughter name Bawang Merah. The Mama Red was jealous  to the Mama White because Mama White is rich. Same like Bawang Merah, Bawang Merah was jealous to the Bawang Putih because Bawang Putih is more beautiful than  her. One time Papa White want to go to the city.
The guard and Bawang Merah and Mama Red can’t take the gold plant. Then, came Bawang Putih.

Bawang Putih : “Let me take it!”
Mama Red : “Bawang Putih!!! You must...
Guard 2 : “Ssssstt....”

And, Bawang Putih can take the plant and give it to the guards. Bawang Merah and Mama Red give a angry face to Bawang Putih. 3 days later, the Queen has been recover.
Prince : “How your feeling?”
Queen : “I’m better now, I think you need go to the girl and
say thank you!”
Prince : “Yes, mom. I will go there. Guard get me to that house!”
Guard 1, 2, 3 : “Okay, prince..”
(In Bawang Putih’s house)

Guard 1 : “Excuse me!”
Bawang Putih : “Yes..”
Guard 3 : “This is it, Prince! The girl who plant that tree.”
Prince : “Really?”
Bawang Putih : “Yes,I’m.”
Prince : “Thank you. Because the plant my mother has been
recover. And, I promise Will marry with a girl who
has been make my mother recover. So, i Purpose
to marriage you.”
Bawang Putih : “Immpossible, you must been wrong.”
Prince : “No, you’re the girl. Are accept my purpose?”
Bawang Putih : “Yes, I accept.”

Bawang Putih carry to the palace to meet the queen.

Prince : “Mom, this is the girl.”
Queen : “Is that you, sweet girl?”
Bawang Putih : “Yes, Queen.”
Prince : “Mom, I purpose to marry her. Are you blessing us?”
Queen : “Of course,son. I blessing you.”
Tomorrow morning, the wedding ceremony is marry.

Bawang Merah : “Mom, why Bawang Putih marry with the prince,
why not me??”
Mama Red : “I don’t know, stupid girl!”
Bawang Merah : “Arrrrrghhh......”

Finally, Bawang Putih and the prince live happily forever.