Chip and dale

one day, when the sun shone brightly, Chip and Dale found a piece of wood. they got an idea of making a see-saw with it.

all afternoon, Chip and Dale played see-saw cheerfully. but when they came they found that some of their nuts were gone. they were very angry.

"let's play prented to go out to play tomorrow," suggested Chip," byt always watch our nuts."

the next day, when they were playing see-saw, they saw a squirrel walking toward theire house. "hmm...give me a nut,"whispered Dale.

Chip gave a nut to Dale. then he put the nut on one end of the see-saw. when the squirrel went to steal some nuts, Chio and Dale jumped together or the other end of the see-saw. the nut flew through the air and dropped down right between the ears if the squirrel who ran with scare.

1. is this the storu above a fable, a fairy story, or a science fiction ? give a brieg reason for your choice.
2. who are the main characters of the story ?
3. what did they find one day ?
4. what did they make with it ?
5. what happened when they came home ?
6. did they plan to do something? if tgey did, what was it ?
7. who did they see the next day ?
8. what was it doing there ?
9. what did it want to do here ?
10. why did it run with scare ?
11. what does the word they in "they were very angry." (paragraph 2) refer to ?
12. what does the word he in "then he put . . . " (paragraph 5) refer to ?
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