Turtle : good morning dog!
dog : *yawning* good morning too turtle
turtle : hey, there's a carnival down the hill, you wanna come?
dog : oh sure! there must be many foods there
turtle : don't think too much about the food. let's think more about the fun thing!
dog : yeah, yeah whatever you say...
(dog and turtle walked down the hill. the turtle looked exhausted)
turtle : *exhausted*
dog : aw come on! why are you so late. let's hurry up. the carnival will open in 5 minutes, but we still far away from the carnival!
turtle : if you're a good friend, you're not pushing me to do that. i'm so heavy so i walk so slow. don't you understand
(the dog think for a while. after that, he bite the turtle's shell and run to the carnival)
turtle : hey what are you doing?! i'm afraid it's too fast!
(after the dog run quickly, the turtle realized that the dog just want to help the turtle)
turtle : so, you bite me to help me.. thanks a lot dog. you're agood friend
dog : no problem. running is my ability...
Yes, i do!
So, this is my short story about an Animal.

An Ant and an Elephant
Long time ago, there is an ant and an elephant in a jungle. But, they are never meet another one. An Ant with his colony always gathering together to look for some foods. But, Elephant and his family either. But, one day, they meet in a cave that full of foods. The elephants didn't look the ant, because the ant was so little. When, the elephants almost get the foods, a big apple breads. The Ant with their colony was screaming out to the elephants to stop their step. But, the elephants didn't heard it. So, the ant earlier come to the foods and gathering it with his colony. The elephants were stopped.Then, he asked "Hey, you  little animals, What are you doing here ?"  The ant looked at the elephant, and he replied that, I am and all my colony here to gather this food, what will you do ? We're earlier than you, guys" The elephant and his family was so scolding, then, he screamed, "It's not fair, who's come earlier may get earlier, but we arrived together, at the same time. I looked at you, but sorry, i didn't hear you." The ant was so confused, then. he replied, "O,, it's ok. It's not a fair, when i got it alone, meanwhile we arrived at the same time. Ho if we do a competition?" "What is it" Asked the elephant. "Who's feel hurt earlier in a fight, he will never get the breads." "Ha..ha.ha, are you kidding me?" said the elephant. "No, i am serious" replied the ant. They were fighting, the elephant want to push the ant with his foot, but the ant have ran to the elephant's ear, come in down, and he biten it. The elephant was felt so sick, he was screaming out. And then, the elephants was lost. But, the ant given some breads to the elephants, and their eat it together.

Just Helping.