The title of this song is Everything Has Changed. This song has been written by Taylor swift. It is about how a boy and a girl met for the first time and how they fell in love at the second chance they met. Actually, this is country pop song. The song also tells us that the girl loves the boy's green eyes. How they met and how they fell in love changed everything at all. The lyrics of this song is pretty good. The song makes everyone could see what's inside that song and how to be a person in that song. The lyrics probably the writer's experience. Even tough this is country song, it is so different.
Her full name is Taylor Alison Swift. She is usually called Taylor Swift, or Miss Swift. She was born on Desember 13, 1989 in Pennsylvania, USA. Taylor Swift is good looking. Her face is cute enough with blue eyes and pointed nose. She has blonde straight hair. She also has a slim body. Taylor Swift is a popular singer especially in country music. Her voice is nice and easy listening. She is very popular with her song, White Horse, for instance.  Beside singing, Miss Swift also works as a songwriter. Almost all of her songs are created by herself. Some of them have achieved music awards