I have a pet. it name is (name). It is a rabbit. and it's very funny. It has blue eyes with white and soft feather. rabbits are herbivores. it favourite food is carrot. eventhough I fed it with lettuce. rabbit can't vomit. It's my favourite pet ever. I love my pet, (name)

Upin & Ipin is a cartoon that tells a story about friendship between Upi, Ipin And their friends. In that films, we can take the moral values. we can also entertained with funny actions from Upin,Ipin and their friend
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Rabbit is a small animal that is suitable for becoming our pet. Rabbit has 2 long ears. It also has thick white fur. Rabbit eats carrot commonly. It can jump high from one place to another.  Some of the rabbit has red eyes. But some of them has black eyes . Some of them can also grow big. But some of them cant really grow big. And usually in a cold place, rabbit uses their thhick white fur to be able to camouflage and to help them survive in the cold times 
Upin ipin is a film that is suitable for a child. It come from Malaysia. It is a film that can make us laugh. Not only can make us laugh but also to make us motivated because it shows us a good way to live a good life. It is played by childrens. In the story, they usually talks about their school days. But sometime it also talks about hardships. It also talks about their family and friends. Not only hardships it also talks about happiness. Sometimes it can talk about friendship.