Vina : Hey, Good morning, Tika!
Tika : Hello there, Vina! Good morning.
Vina : Wow, I don’t see you very often to be in school this early. What makes you come so early this morning?
Tika : That’s actually fine, Vina. My house is kind of far from our school, I’m just afraid I would come late if I didn’t come so early.
Vina : But, I think you never come this early before, Tika. It’s just 06.00 AM now. I usually see you come to class around 06.45.
Tika : Yeah, Vina. As a matter of fact, the road where I pass by the bus I take everyday to school is now under betterment. The betterment process really disrupts the traffic condition, so I always end up trapped in traffic jam lately. Due to the traffic jam, I almost come late everyday to school. So, during the road betterment I will come to school earlier than before.
Vina : That’s a smart decision, Tika. You know about our school rules, right? You will be locked outside the school gate if you come late with any reason.
Tika : Yeah, you are so right, that would be awful. So, what makes you come this early, Vina? Do you usually arrive at school this early?
Vina : Yes, Tika. I come this early to school everyday because I’m one of our school’s student cooperation keeper members. I was assigned to come earlier to school everyday to prepare and get everything ready before the cooperation opens.
Tika : Wow, what a duty! By the way, do you do all the preparation things by yourself? It must be tiring.
Vina : Heehee it won’t happen, Tika. The fact is I am helped by other keeper members who are assigned like I do every morning.
Tika : Heehee I thought that you have to set everything up all alone.
Vina : And… besides of my duty as a student cooperation keeper member, there are also a few things that please me to be in the school this early.
Tika : Huh? What are those?
Vina : Humm… I think the air in here is clearer if you breathe in at this early hour. And you may also find some gauze or thin mist around the school.
Tika : Yeah, you’re right, Vina. I do feel the air is clearer and I think I saw that thin mist you said too.
Vina : Yeah, So, coming earlier to school isn’t bad, right?
Tika : Yup, it’s not that bad.
Vina : And maybe, you could do some homework you forgot to do last night by coming early to the school.
Tika : Oh, my! I remember I got homework I haven’t finished. I have to finish it before the bell rings. What a great talk, Vina! I’ve got to go, see you later!
Vina : [laughs] See ‘ya, Tika!

Seperti inikah? yah, tapi semoga membantu~